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SimpleStore plugin released

SimpleStore released

Easy to sell your product with SweetRice,this plugin without payment setting,third party payment gateway is required.?

UPGRADE 10/30/2011 1.1

=== SimpleStore ===
Author :basic-cms.org
Donate :Paypal [email protected]
Requires at least: 1.2.0
Tested up to: 1.2.3
Stable tag: e-commerce,online store,store plugin

Key features

== Installation ==
1. Unzip into your "/_plugin/" directory. If you are uploading it make sure to upload
the top-level folder. Don just upload all the php files and put them in "/_plugin/".
2. Install the plugin through the Plugin menu in SweetRice Dashboard
3. Click the link of Plugin. 
4. Thats it!
For upgrading please download lastest version and overwrite old file with out install.lock.
== Frequently Asked Questions ==

MD5 : fd63b71c829759785c464fb359c7a358? upgrade to SweetRice 1.2.5 

SimpleStore Plugin demo see Hosting store below:

SimpleStore screenshot

SimpleStore Screenshot

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