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SweetRice 1.2.5 released

Goodbye 2011 & Hello 2012 - SweetRice 1.2.5 is the last version in 2011,you may like many new feature,download today and give your website a new home.

Change log V1.2.5 12/29/2011
database update - all config data will in database,you can through $global_settting to use them.
 - remove database table "blog"
 - add table "options" to save site config data
 - add table "item_plugin" to save relationship of post/category with plugin,this feature allow us more flexible manage content create by plugin
theme update - enable new global value and new CSS ,every SweetRice theme must be update for use 1.2.5
 - enable variable global_setting and remove old site config variable.
 - enable variable categories replace old categories data
dashboard update - new link manage and server config,more smart
 - auto detect server type,write .htaccess file to root dir if server supports url rewrite module
304 status update - support template update or global setting update or links update
 - count template update time?

SweetRice 1.2.5 free Download

2011 year will gone,thanks everyone supports SweetRice for the year,happy new year!

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