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SweetRice 1.5.0 released

SweetRice 1.5.0 - welcome to the next WEB

Change log V1.5.0 12/06/2015
core update
    add BASE_DIR for cookie - access from meta
    custom field supports more option
    upgrade tag : add tag_posts keyword to %--%_option,this update will be load tag page faster then before.
    add plugin App for website developer
    remove subscriber plugin from defalut system
    media & media center supports multiple file upload
    add website transfer feature - one click transfer data to new hosting
    add form management for default plugin App
    change comment_form to default theme directory
    add form support to default theme
    add post pagebreak
    add mail function supports attachment add param attachments
    all new design support mobile management
    add set_custom_data function : save custom data to table item_data
    add mysql support for PHP 7 use mysqli
    plugin description : supports multiple language
    add transfer website to other hosting
    add database backup upload
    support plugin/theme upload/fetch/delete
    one click change theme
    add quick insert image to post_modify management
    upload file support unzip
    one click change dashboard background
public.js to SweetRice.js and update below
    remove $ selector only use _
    add scrolltop scrollleft function
    add touch function - supports mobile device
    add javascript event like click,change etc.

SweetRice 1.5.0 is  PHP 7 compatiblity and support MySQLi function,some new feature is for web developer who need a simple basic CMS system.

Enjoy SweetRice 1.5.0 now

Any problem or bugs can be sent to us via comment , Thanks.

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