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SweetRice 1.4.0 released

SweetRice 1.4.0 includes new js framework and _.* function like _.setCookie _.getCookie _.getStorage _.setStorage _.ajax etc,we want to give you a  tiny js framework for SweetRice but you may easy to use popular js framework like jQuery, SweetRice 1.4.0 supports plugin return data for ajax request,this feature is for you who need create more JS pplication,New js dialog function will help you to create best web UI,and template backup is default option when you modify template online,so you will get a timeline for every template.

More detail here

Change log V1.4.0 01/31/2014
core update
    new SweetRice js framework - add function _ and remove _$ to execute custom function
    support plugin ajax return
    support leveldb for cache - leveldb is first choice if server supports leveldb.
    add template backup when using online editor.
    add db_fetch function,it will be a goods choice for query data with pager
    add dashboard.js for Dashboard control
    new js dialog function _.dialog
    add localStorage support _.setData _.getData
plugin  upgrade to Tinymce 4

1.4.0 is hereWe recommended you download and try SweetRice 1.4.0,if you have any problem or question,please feel free give us a comment below.

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