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SweetRice change log

Change log V0.5.5.5 1/23/2010

Upgrade Dashborad
- add Database converter .
- update plugin list
- update database backup.
- update search form.

Change log V0.5.5.4 1/13/2010

Upgrade Dashborad
- add tiny head mode.
- add quick link of plugin list.

Change log V0.5.5.3 12/22/2009

Upgrade Dashborad - view chart

Change log V0.5.5 12/8/2009

Change log V0.5.4 2009/11/29

Change log V0.5.3 11/13/2009

Change log V0.5.2 11/3/2009


Change log V0.5.1 2009-11-1


Change log V0.5.0 10/15/2009


Change log V0.4.4 2009-8-28


Change log V0.4.2 2009-7-21


Change log V0.4.1 2009-7-16


Change log V0.4.0 2009-6-24


Change log V0.3.1 2009-5-19


Notice:for update your SweetRice database table,please open the link http://yourdomain/upgrade_db.php?sql=upgrade_0.3.0-0.3.1.sql
when you update your database,please remove the script upgrade_db.php and upgrade_0.3.0-0.3.1.sql from your root directory.

Change log V0.3.0 2009-5-12


Change log V0.2.1 2009-4-15


Change log V0.2.0 2009-4-12



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