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SweetRice is a most simple program for website management.Perfect support web standards,easy to setup and use.best value is SEO.Support 3 kinds of database:Mysql,Sqlite,PostgreSql,support database time line..

SweetRice 0.7.1 release - ALL NEW FOR YOU

SweetRice change log

Change log V0.7.1 12/9/2010
 - upgrade core - fix some minor bug
 - support HTML5
 - suppport nginx server
     add these code to nginx.conf
     if (!-e $request_filename){
       rewrite ^.+$ /blog/index.php last;
     location ~* \.(db|txt)$ {
        if (-f $request_filename) {
        root $sweetrice_root/inc/;
 - upgrade SweetRice installer
 - new form style : remove table tag
 - update post and comment form.
 - support attachment alias
 - quick update post and category
 - enable autosave when edit post or reply comment
 - provide webeditor as html or visual
 - update RSSFEED format - change RSSFEED link
 - update sitemap add RSSFEED link

Yes,you can modify SweetRice yourself.

Change log V0.7.0 11/11/2010
upgrade dashboard
 - optimize dashboard index.php.
 - upgrade css
 - support quickly delete object with AJAX
 - upgrade media center
 - remove column top_home from table posts (by dbto0.7.0.php)
 - upgrade comment add column
 - add post comment bulk edit,quickly modify post and comment.
 - change db_converter for sqlite to sqlite,clean the target file before convert.
 - upgrade language file.
 - use new action icon
 - upgrade cache clean : clean expired cache data or all data.
 - fix bug : cache for sqlite.(report by jonas at comment/release/)
 - fix bug for create subcategory. (report by jonas at comment/release/)

upgrade theme
- update m_list.php and add css.
- add db_unescape function for built tags link.
- show 404 error for invalid request url.
- upgrade RSSFeed.
- re-design theme for web standard.
- upgrade comment submit script.
- upgrade htaccess.txt and change page link when disabled url rewrite.

 SweetRice dashboard

Key Features

Easy to be installed and used.

  1. Support database:Mysql,Sqlite,PostgreSql
  2. Support user post comments,and track user agent .
  3. 1 click eligible for changing theme,and easily edit it.
  4. 1 click backup database.
  5. Support custom plugin and ease to install.
  6. Support website database time line,you can take your site to every version.
  7. Support sitemap,link,tags,and rssfeed .
  8. Support post entries with attachment and track download times.
  9. Support easy SEO:including url rewrite,keywords,description,title edit in post form.

This is our goal

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