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SweetRice upgrade feature

Since 1.0.0,you can through? menu "Update" check? latest version of SweetRice,and update it one click automatically or manually.

Q:How to upgrade SweetRice automatically?

A:When new version release,you can see the button "Automatically" in the update page,click it SweetRice will download the latest package from update server,then automatically extract,update,clean [the result see image below],your SweetRice will be upgrade successfully.

Note:if you have any ?custom script ,please backup theme,and reset it after upgrade.

SweetRice upgrade automatically

Q:How to upgrade SweetRice manually?

A:There are two ways for update manually ,

Note:before you update file(s),please backup your custom script,you can uncheck the checkbox and merge your custom script to the new version manually after update.?

SweetRice update manually

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