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SweetRice 1.3.3

SweetRice 1.3.3 released - update log below.

Change log V1.3.3 11/08/2012
core update
    add Dashboard action manage
    add function below
        db_array_nocache - get SQL query result[array] without cache
        db_arrays_nocache - get SQL query result[list] without cache
        do_total_nocache - get SQL query result[count] without cache
        getLink - get plugin links by request
        createTable - check and create table
        dropTable - drop table if table exists
        alterTable - alter table if table exists
    change function below
        pluginHookUrl - remove pluginQuery and base64_decode url *
    update plugin management
    some bug fixed

If you have signle website,just upgrade system core ,if you want to upgrade multiple website ,please remember update plugin and theme for each website.

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