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Jonathan Taylor

Jan,08,2014 Wed


My name is Jonathan Taylor and I work for TMDHosting's Marketing Department.

Our company has been successfully supporting SweetRice users for a long time and we would like to inquire about a possible partnership. I have noticed that you currently partner with various hosting companies. I feel that TMDHosting can match the services offered by them and even surpass most when it comes to SweetRice hosting. We would be happy to discuss both banner/link and dedicated hosting provider page/box advertising. You can see more about our services here:


We can propose both an affiliate partnership and a fixed monthly sponsorship.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will be happy to provide further details.

Kindest Regards,

Jonathan Taylor

Marketing Department


Paolo Euvrard

Jul,29,2012 Sun

I tried to install the program, but its not understandable.
I have a database with:
Host: localhost
Database: vietnams_wdvblog
User: vietnams_paolo
Pass: xxxxxxxx

But your software keep asking me for: database name, database account, etc.
I tried all the possible combinations, nothing worked (I know how to set-up a database, if you guessed).

Frankly, its stupid, why not put host, database name, user, password? Simply...

So, how should I do to install the software, please?

Best regards,

SweetRice Reply[Aug,04,2012 Sat]:

Hi Paolo,

this tutorial on youtube maybe help you to install SweetRice on your server.

If you need more help,please let me know your webserver type,php version,mysql version etc and any error tip.

Thank you for support SweetRice,the latest version is 1.3.1,you can free download it from the SweetRice download page.


Jul,08,2011 Fri

thanks admin for reply my question..

I'm waiting for next update..

and happy holiday :)



Jul,04,2011 Mon

thanks for reply my email..
i've some problem with sweetrice..
first time i install sweetrice i don't get any problem since 2 days ago..
i want to install sweetrice in my new host..it keep loading with www.myweb.com/as/as/as/as/as/as/ with no ending..
i never found it when i install it in my old host..
then i try to remove sweetrice from my old host and try to install it again..guess what? i got some problem like my new host..lol..is this a bug?

SweetRice Reply[Jul,06,2011 Wed]:


I'm sorry for reply your comment late,because i have a holiday and i will back next week.:)


The reason is SweetRice can not get the file inc/install.lock or inc/install.lock.php,but normally it will just redirect us to domain/as/ and we can install it.


but do not worry,this solution maybe can fix the problem:


check the file as/index.php,normally we can found these codes:


at 15 - 19 rows


maybe some bug exists,i will fix them and see you next week.


Thank you very much for submit this question.


Jun,23,2011 Thu

how to make a new page in sweet rice?
and how to make contact us, about us etc in sweet rice?

SweetRice Reply[Jun,24,2011 Fri]:


In SweetRice ,page includes category page,post and automatic page like sitemap etc,


we may create every page(include page and post) at Dashboard -> Post -> Create menu


  1. If you want to create a page url with .html, you just select category "Uncategory" when create or modify post,this means every page in Uncategory is a single page.

  2. for other page,we may select the page category when create it,so the page url will be like category/post/



Thank you for support SweetRice.


Oct,01,2010 Fri

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Sep,16,2010 Thu

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Aug,10,2010 Tue

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SweetRice Reply[Aug,11,2010 Wed]:

Thanks for your comment.


Jul,30,2010 Fri

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Mar,24,2010 Wed

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SweetRice Reply[Mar,24,2010 Wed]:

Thank you melodiemerle00!

We think you may help our customer by SweetRice,SweetRice includes simple SEO setting,If you interesting to help us to improve any thing of SweetRice ,we will very happy listen to you.

Thanks for your comment!
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